How to Maximize Profit From Selling Your Home

Whether it’s due to your growing family, career changes, or a desire for new scenery, you may eventually decide that selling your home is necessary. Selling your home will be one of the most important financial transactions of your life. Handle that transaction correctly, and you can set yourself up financially for the foreseeable future. Alternatively, agreeing to a bad deal can cause you to lose money in the long run.

The importance of extracting maximum profit from selling your home cannot be overstated. How can you secure the most profit from that sale? Following the tips detailed below should prove very helpful.

Hire a Realtor

The first step you must take to maximize the return for your home sale involves hiring a realtor. An experienced realtor like Claudette Schwartz can increase your profits in numerous ways.

For starters, realtors can help by setting the ideal price point for your property. They can suggest a price point based on their experience working in your neighborhood’s housing market. They can account for factors such as the state of the current market and existing demand for properties while coming up with your price point. You will miss out on those valuable bits of insight if you don’t retain the services of a real estate agent.

On top of that, realtors can also put your property in front of numerous buyers. They can offer exposure for your listing that you would not have otherwise. Your realtor’s connections can also come in handy as they can direct more buyers to your property.

You’ll quickly make up the cost of hiring a realtor after you turn a solid profit on your sale.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Landscape

Buyers know better than to base their opinion of a real estate property on its outdoor landscape. Even so, they are not immune to the charms of a spectacular backyard. Stunning hardscaping and organic features can captivate any potential buyer, and you would be remiss not to take advantage of that.

Before putting your house up for sale, you should strongly consider improving its exterior features. According to Angi, the average cost of professional landscaping ranges from a little under $1,250 to slightly over $6,000. Factors like the size of your yard, your chosen materials, and the cost of building permits will ultimately determine how much you’ll have to spend.

Handling some landscaping tasks yourself can reduce your expenses. Local landscapers may also offer you more affordable rates.

Pay for Home Staging

Property owners can also secure the maximum profit from a sale by first investing in home staging. The numbers indicate just how helpful staging can be for your selling efforts. According to statistics from the National Association of Realtors, 81% of buyer agents said their clients found it easier to visualize themselves inside a home because of staging. 20% of buyer agents also said staging increased offers between 1 to 5%.

You’re losing out on profits if you don’t stage your home while trying to sell it. Don’t forget to request that service while you’re going through the selling process.