Maintenance Magic: Tips to Keep Your Property in Best Shape

Maintaining your property can feel like a daunting task. Regardless, it’s your most important responsibility as a homeowner. Just like when you own a car, you need to get regular maintenance and services done; similarly, you need to take care of your house. Owning a house or even living on rent isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. They both come with great responsibility on your shoulders. As a homeowner, you must do regular maintenance checks on your property, and if you’re a tenant, it’s your responsibility to report any issues or damages.

Moreover, the experts at Seattle rental property management say that houses that are well-maintained not only look good and polished but also significantly gain value in their price. Thus, it’s a must for you to do regular maintenance on your property. Doing so would make sure your house doesn’t only remain aesthetic over time but also functions smoothly while gaining value.

Furthermore, by regularly taking care of your property, you can prevent costly repairs in the future, which can save you from hefty expenses. Besides that, a nice and well-maintained property can also become your steady source of passive income as it can easily attract quality tenants. So, let’s explore some essential maintenance tips to keep your property in its best shape and make your house maintenance journey a breeze.

Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Property


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1. Exterior Maintenance

No matter how beautiful and well-maintained your house may be from the inside, if it isn’t nice and clean from the outside, then it’ll always leave a bad impression on your guests. So, to keep your exterior looking beautiful, you shouldn’t only clean it well but also do regular maintenance. For that, you can consider painting your house and sealing any walkways, driveways, and porch damage. Doing so won’t just make your exterior look polished but also enhance your house’s curb appeal. Furthermore, the experts in residential property management Oakland say houses with attractive curb appeal can easily fetch higher price tags.

Did you know?

The price of a 4320 sq. ft. house in Seattle, WA is $750,000.

2. Regular Inspection and Cleaning

The key to house maintenance is regular inspection and cleaning. Regular inspections would help you know about any potential issues before they become major and almost irreparable. So, you can consider doing so on your own, at your convenience. You can look for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks in the walls, leaks, or any damage to the roof; if there are any, you can tackle them promptly. However, for technical things like sewage and plumbing, you must hire professionals at least twice a year for maintenance. This would ensure your property stays nice and well-maintained forever.

3. Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing issues can cause extensive damage if they aren’t tackled promptly. That’s why you must regularly check for leaks under your sinks, around toilets, and in your laundry to make sure everything is working properly. Your plumbing system is technical, so besides having leaks near conspicuous areas, it can also have hidden damages in pipes and fixtures. So, you must consider installing water leak detectors to detect leaks early and take care of them promptly. Furthermore, get professional checks done regularly.

Did you know?

The median listing price of a house in Oakland, CA was $726.5K in May 2024.

4. Check and Service HVAC Systems

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is the most important in every house. Without proper air conditioning, ventilation during the summers, or heating in rough winters, your house would basically become unlivable. So, you must ensure that the HVAC system in your house works properly and efficiently. If the HVAC system in your house isn’t working efficiently, it can increase your utility bills. So, take care of your HVAC system regularly every three to four months and get professional services done annually to prolong its life and keep your utility bills lower.

5. Roof and Gutter Care

The roof is one of the most critical components of your property. Thus, regularly checking for damaged or missing shingles is extremely crucial. If the roof of your house is even a little damaged, it can lead to loads of problems and even ruin the whole aesthetic of your property. So, inspect your roof regularly for any damages and take care of it well, especially in the winter. Furthermore, the sewage system of your house is another crucial component that must be well taken care of. So, get your gutters cleaned at least twice a year to prevent any blockages.

Final Thoughts

Be it owning a house or living on rent, both come with a huge responsibility. The house, just like anything else, also needs regular maintenance to remain aesthetic and functional over the years while preserving its precious value. Thus, you must take care of your house regularly to keep it functioning smoothly.